Saturday, February 16, 2008

Please try out our new beta site

Sorry about the long silence on our end - its been a rather busy past couple of weeks. In addition to the incredibly heavy volumes we had to handle for Valentine's day, we were also working on putting the finishing touches on our site upgrade, and the results are for you to evaluate at We'd really appreciate it if you could give the new version a spin and send us your feedback at

With this release, we'll be available in more than just Hyderabad. We are adding our first service in 4 other cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Pune. Once we launch the new site, you'll be able to sign up from these other cities and avail all our services in Hyderabad...and you'll also be able to send flowers to your friends and family in any of these cities. We are aggressively working on adding more services across these cities, so if you have specific feedback on what services you'd like us to add to our portfolio, please write us and let us know.

Thanks as always for your valuable support!

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